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Online Licenses

Licences can now be purchased online.  Watch the video from NASA to understand how.

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Find out all about Autograss and how to get involved in Motorsport's best kept secret!

Club History

Keep checking back as we add more!

Footage from Forest of Dean and Norton Radstock's Round 2 of UKAC series, thanks to "1nerdgrasser" on YouTube




All of the fixtures can now be found digitally on the NASA website, linked below.

2019 Class Champions

1. T.Morgan 40F

2. J.Holden 1F​

3. D.Westlake 123F

5. M.Ashmead 38F​​

7. M.Hockly 62F​​

8. M.Mumford 160F​​


Junior Saloons

S.Dodderidge 515F​​

9. M.Liddiatt 309F​

10. C.Ray 12F

11. G Peacey 188F​

11a. A.Holden 1F​

12. J.Murray 38F​

13. T.Mumford 62F​​

14. C.Mumford 160F​​


Junior Special 

A.Bennett 8F​​


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